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Residence / Dormitory

This is a college dormitory-style setting, where students will encounter a fun, friendly, and safe atmosphere. This is great for groups or individuals looking for social interaction with their peers from all over the world. Students here will have their own private rooms with shared bathrooms, lounge area, and a kitchen. These rooms are fully furnished, and come with their own microwaves, mini-fridges, air conditioners (in the summer), and full linens provided.

Residence/Dormitoryis a good choice if you are looking for a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Residence/Dormitoryis a great fit forIndividuals whom:

  • Need less supervision (college age or above);
  • Are budget-conscious;
  • Want to live among their peers;
  • Want to experience the diversity of a new environment;
  • Want to stay alone or share their room with someone else;
  • Like independence – can come and go as you please.

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