Why Become a Host Family?

Meet people from around the world, share experiences, learn about new cultures and customs, and make some money. Host families are the backbone of Sara's Homestay. By volunteering and opening your home and heart to the world’s young people, you are giving them an uncommon gift: an offer of friendship, a willingness to share themselves and their way of life, and a genuine interest in learning about culture and customs.

When you host an international exchange student your family begins sharing similarities, exploring differences and seeing the U.S. through a fresh perspective. Imagine your family learning a simple Chinese greeting, cooking a traditional Brazilian meal or having a lively discussion about the political climate in Slovakia. With students representing over 40+ countries, you will have the enriching opportunity to welcome a small part of the world into your home!

"We have been invited to go to so many places around the world by our students"

Steps to Become a Host:

  • Fill out the host application
  • Within 24 hours, a local Sara's Homestay representative will follow up regarding your application.
  • Schedule a home visit.
  • Welcome an international student into your home!

10,000 Locations Worldwide

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Delaware Egypt England Florida France Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois India
Indiana Ireland Israel Italy Kansas Kentucky Kenya Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts
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